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Dedham Public Schools approaches academic learning with a strategic focus on ensuring a safe, supportive, and equitable learning environment where all students feel welcome and find success; ensuring that students have voice and choice in a robust, student centered learning experience; ensuring that the District’s PK-12 curriculum is rigorous, relevant, and aligned to state standards and community expectations, and ensuring the all faculty and staff have the resources necessary to support their ongoing professional learning, development, and success.

In Dedham Public Schools, we believe that:

  • Students should receive the same common educational experience across grade levels and courses as a result of a common and cohesive curriculum.
  • Curriculum development is an ongoing, collaborative, and dynamic process, bringing our district values to life through teaching and learning.
  • Collaborative curriculum development provides a vehicle for critical conversations about teacher instruction and learning that leads to increased student achievement.
  • A comprehensive curriculum is aligned, rigorous, and engages all students.
  • Engagement with stakeholders (teachers, caregivers, students) is enhanced through transparent communication of our curriculum expectations.