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Special Education Programs



The Dedham Public Schools offer a range of programs and services from preschool to age 22.  

Each school provides special education services and supports in general education classrooms as well as in small group "pull-out" settings.  In a general education inclusive model, a special educator, or related service provider, provides direct instruction to students in the general education environment for all or part of the school day.  In a "pull-out" model, a special educator, or related service provider, provides direct teaching instruction outside the general education setting.  In addition, a number of district-wide specialized programs are located at specific schools to provide services to students with moderate to severe special needs.   To this end, the district has developed a continuum of services within each school and grade level in order to avoid students transferring to another school during their elementary experience.  

Inclusion programming, specialized programming and related services are provided to meet the needs of most students with special needs.  While descriptions of all specialized programs are provided, it must be noted that programmatic adjustments are made annually to address shifts in student need.  All in-district programs provide students with opportunities for interaction with typically developing peers. All programs emphasize skill development and skill remediation along with the development of self-advocacy skills for greater independence and responsibility for learning.