All Hearts - DHS & DMS Focus on Healthy Hearts for Valentines

DMS Heart

Dedham Middle School students are making the most of the week leading up to Valentine's Day by focusing on their hearts.  All week long, at lunch, students can take their blood pressure, learn about heart health - and share "heart felt" notes with teachers and friends. 

DHS Heart

At Dedham High School, hearts are a big topic this week as well - with a special event on Thursday, February 13th - where DHS students can undergo a free ECG heart screening to check for previously undiscovered heart conditions. 

Working in partnership with local organizations, students can register to undergo a quick five minute ECG screening during the school day on Thursday, February 13th.  The program hopes to identify those students who may have a serious heart condition which can often go undetected during annual physicals. With sudden cardiac arrest ranking as a leading cause of student athlete fatality, this is a critical issue.

“Very few students or parents ever know about underlying heart issues, so the opportunity to do something proactive and preventative, something that may save one of our students someday, is invaluable,” said Dedham Superintendent Michael Welch. “Our school community is fortunate to have an athletic trainer and health services staff who passionately pursue opportunities like this on behalf of the students.”

The first 250 screenings are being offered free-of-charge thanks to funding provided by the 21 Fund. The 21 Fund was founded to honor the memory of Joseph “Joey” Glynn, a star basketball player at Cardinal Spellman High School, whose life was cut short by an undetected heart condition while playing summer league basketball in 2013. 

“The 21 Fund is an organization near and dear to my heart,” noted Dedham High School Athletic Trainer Meghan McColgan. “Having a personal connection to the tragic consequences of an undetected heart condition, I’ve wanted to offer student cardiac screenings for many years.  We are so thankful to the 21 Fund for helping us with the funding to provide them free to our students.”

Mass Heartbeat, a local organization that specializes in ECG heart screening will bring their state-of-the-art ECG technology directly to Dedham High School to provide a non-invasive ECG screening that can help detect underlying issues in the heart. The ECG tracings are interpreted by an experienced cardiologist and the results will be confidentially returned to each participant within 5 business days.