DMS Geography Bee Champions!

DMS Geo Bee

The annual Bee, organized by 7th grade social studies teachers Lisa LeClair and Kim Randall, follows the National Geographic GeoBee guidelines, which tests students knowledge of both National and World geography.

All Dedham Middle School students are eligible to participate, with a first round of competition taking place in all of the Social Studies classrooms. Those 32 winners then moved on to a second round to narrow down the field to ten finalists and two alternates. The final competition was a lively event, with 7th and 8th graders attending in the DMS Auditorium holding signs, cheering and encouraging their fellow students.

“When Lisa and I took over we really wanted to make the Bee a fun and exciting event,” noted Kim Randall. “We wanted the students to look forward to watching the Bee each year and to motivate students to participate.”

Randall and LeClair have been organizing the in-school event for the last five years, each year adding to the format to make it more interesting and engaging for students. This year, they added feature guest videos from local principals and teachers including cameo appearances by Riverdale principal Ed Harris and Greenlodge Elementary grade 5 teacher Ken Toomey.

“We’ve been working hard at the Middle School to create a sense of community and school pride among our students,” said Karen Hillman, Dedham Middle School Principal. “This event is amazing in that it not only shows how learning can be fun, but also has students cheering and applauding for fellow students across all grade levels.”