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Important Information about Zoom!


We know many have been really struggling with connections to Zoom. We received notice from the IT Department to instruct students to sign into the Zoom application before clicking the link provided by the classroom teacher. In order to do this, the student should log onto the Chromebook and follow these steps.


  • At the bottom left corner of the screen is a little circle. Click on this circle.
  • A gray section will appear at the bottom of the screen with a little blinking arrow heading up. Click on the arrow.
  • On your screen will appear the symbols for many applications. On the right hand side of the screen are two little dots. Click on the bottom dot.
  • This moves you to the next screen on which you will find the Zoom link. Click on this.
  • It will bring up a screen that has your child's name at the top with the word "Logout" next to it. You should click on "Logout".
  • When you log out, it will bring you to a screen that says Sign In highlighted. Choose "Sign in with Google".
  • The screen will ask for an email- this is where you will type in your child's username- first name.last then click "Next".
  • It will ask for your students password. Type it in here. (This is the same one you use to log onto the Chromebook.) This will log you into Zoom for the day.
  • Click on the small X at the top.
  • Now your child should sign into the Google Classroom or Seesaw site for your child's teacher.


Click Here to Watch Video by one of the DHS Teachers on How to Log-In

I am attaching a video created by one of the high school teachers.