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Student Spotlight: Jack Y 4th Grader at Greenlodge

On March 18th, every third, fourth and fifth grade classroom across the Dedham School District got a new soccer ball for recess, thanks to the efforts of Jack Yandresevits, a 4th grader at Greenlodge.

Jack began his campaign to make sure that all grades this year have soccer balls for kids to enjoy and use during recess, began last year as he noticed that because recess balls often got lost or ruined, many students had resorted to bringing their own soccer balls or using basketballs instead. 

Jack went to the Dedham youth soccer board meeting last year (before the Pandemic) and presented to the entire board (18 adults) with his observations and request, asking if they would help.  They all met and agreed that they would help him and the schools.


Excerpt from DYS Board Meeting: 

The board received a presentation from Jack Yandrisevits, 3rd grader at Greenlodge Elementary School.  Jack talked about the need for donated soccer balls at school during recess, but said that often kids were bringing their own balls to play since the school didn't have any balls that could be used. Sometimes balls were lost or ruined and other times there were no balls to play with.  Jack requested that Dedham Youth Soccer donate 5 soccer balls per school to be used during recess.  The board unanimously approved this request and asked Jack to collect, inflate, and distribute the balls to the schools.

-Lisa Farnham  (DYS Secretary)