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NEW Frequently Asked Questions About COVID Pooled Testing

What is the school/organization code I need to register my child for pooled testing via Concentric's online consent form?



How will I know the results of my child's pooled test?

No news is good news.  If you do not hear anything, it means your child’s pooled test came back negative.  If your child is in a pool that comes back with a positive result, you will get a call from the school (e.g. Principal or Nurse) explaining the need for follow-up testing.  S/he will give you the time and location for follow-up testing during that call.  If you cannot be reached via phone, you will receive an email asking you to call back as soon as possible.


If I have given consent for my child to test, but they feel overwhelmed by it that day, will you still force them to do the pooled testing?

No.  No child will be forced to participate in pooled testing.  If your child is feeling too worried and cannot manage testing one day, that is fine.  The school secretary or nurse will contact you to let you know that happened.


How far does the swab go up my child's nose?

The pooled test uses a small swab that goes in the lower portion of the nostril only.  This is NOT the deep nasal or "brain tickler" swab.


Will you choose a random sample of kids to be tested each week?

No.  Every individual (student or staff member) who has consented to participate in the pooled testing program will be tested once per week through the end of the school year.


How often will my child be tested?

Once per week, usually on a Monday or a Friday (days of the week subject to change due to holidays, school closures, etc.)


Pooled testing already started; can I still sign up?

Yes; you can opt-in to the program at any time.  You can complete a hard copy consent form (found on this webpage) and turn it in to your school secretary and/or use Concentric by Ginkgo's online consent form (add link).

I no longer want my child to participate in pooled testing.  How do I remove him/her from pooled testing?
Contact the District COVID Testing Coordinator, Emily Kadehjian at to have your child removed from the pooled testing list.