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Timing Update for All Students - Return to In-Person Learning

Excerpted from Superintendent Welch email on Friday, September 25th:


Today all schools mailed home letters to Grade 1-12 Cohort B (high needs) students and families who have chosen to participate in hybrid (in school and remote/at home) learning.  These letters contain precise start dates of either October 5 or October 13 for all Grade 1-12 Cohort B in-person learning in the Dedham Public Schools.  


Formal letters were also sent home for all Early Childhood Center PreK and Kindergarten students and families who have chosen to participate through in-person learning.  These letters have specific in-person start dates for those students also.


All remaining DPS students in Cohorts C & D will receive formal letters next week specifying precise start dates.  Cohort C & D Transition Grade students (Grades 1, 6, and 9) will begin in-person learning during the week of October 19.  We will be carefully checking this information early next week to make sure these cohorts are accurate before sending this information home.  All remaining Cohort C & D students will begin in-person learning during the week of October 26. 


Students’ return to schools will follow this phased approach so we do not overwhelm our schools.  Further, a phased approach, as planned, will allow for continued time to adjust and adapt our protocols in each building, so we can keep students and faculty/staff as safe as possible as they return in-person. As we know, these dates remain accurate pending the trajectory of the virus.  Fully remote instruction will continue every day for all students who are not yet in schools.