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District In Person Learning Update: January 13, 2021

DPS Faculty, Staff, and Students - In-Person Learning COVID-19 Regulations


In order to keep providing students with the opportunity to attend school in-person, it is critical that our everyone continues to follow safe practices when it comes to COVID-19. These regulations were established in agreement with the Dedham Board of Health.  They are in effect for all faculty, staff and students of Dedham Public Schools for at least the next five weeks, including the February vacation break (February 13-21).  Our schools are carefully reviewing every student’s health and safety attestation form.  If a student has not completed this attestation, that student will be excluded from classrooms until we confirm compliance.  We appreciate your careful review of this guidance.


Thank you for your continued cooperation, transparency, honesty and communication.  


If Designated As A Close Contact

If an individual is designated as a “close contact” by a DPS nurse or DPH contact tracer they must quarantine for a full 14 days before returning to Dedham Public Schools.  


Avoid Travel Outside MA

If an individual travels outside of Massachusetts for any reason (including to a vacation home), they must EITHER:

  • Participate in remote learning only for 10 days upon return, OR

  • Produce a negative COVID-19 test result taken at least 5 days after returning to MA


Avoid Social Gatherings

Individuals SHOULD NOT participate in any social gatherings with members outside of their household circle for longer than 15 minutes without appropriate distance maintained.


“Close Contacts” are officially designated by trained contact tracers, and indicate confirmed exposure to a known COVID-19 positive individual within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more during a 24-hour period.


“Social Gatherings” are with individuals who you normally do not interact with or are exposed to on a regular basis and are interactions not governed by current DPH guidelines.

The following are examples of what are NOT considered “social gatherings”:

  • Organized sports practices and competitions 

  • Organized classes or meetings, such as Dance or Scouts

  • Visits to medical/dental appointments, salons, businesses, grocery stores, etc...


“Household circle” is defined as frequent, recurring contacts, including:

  • Members of an immediate household

  • Individuals with whom you regularly interact 

  • Co-parenting arrangements involving individuals living in more than one home location


The intent of these increased requirements is to discourage social gatherings where the majority of COVID-19 transmissions are occurring in the community.  These requirements and examples are not exhaustive and will never effectively define every possible individual situation.  Please contact your school nurse or principal if more specific clarification is needed due to individual circumstances.


Thank you for your support as we all do our part to keep our schools safe.


All my best,

Mike Welch