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District Update: Snow Day Email - December 16, 2020

Hi Folks,

Due to the approaching winter storm and expectations of significant snowfall tonight and tomorrow, all Dedham Public Schools will be CLOSED on Thursday, December 17.  Students and teachers are not expected to log on for any virtual learning.  This will be a traditional snow day that will need to be made up in June.

Please use this opportunity to safely enjoy the day and get outside away from electronics and screens. Use the link below to send us pictures of how you safely experience the pure joy of this winter snowstorm!  See below:


Snow Day in Dedham Student Photo Contest

Students (and parents...) are encouraged to share their best Snow Day photo with our school community!    The 3 winning “Snow Day in Dedham” photos from each grade level (ECEC, Elementary, Middle, and High School) will be chosen by School Administrators and awarded Gift Card prizes to local Dedham businesses.  Show us what fun you had in the snow and support local community businesses too!


Submit your “Snow Day in Dedham” photo(s) using this form:

Visit the Dedham Public Schools webpage to see the photo submissions showing how students across Dedham are enjoying the Snow Day off!


All my best,


Mike Welch