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District Email: Travel Reminder & Holiday Guidance: November 11, 2020



The holiday season is fast approaching and many of our Dedham community members may be considering travel plans to visit friends and family.  Now that Dedham Schools have students attending school in-person, it is critical that our families continue to follow safe practices when it comes to COVID-19, so that we can continue to keep students in our classrooms through the winter.  Our schools are working very hard to enforce rigorous COVID-19 precautions every day, and I urge all parents and families to join us in this effort.  This will be especially important as colder weather returns and we approach the holiday season.


The US Center for Disease Control guidance for holiday celebrations recommends staying home this year, which is the best way to protect yourself and others during the holiday season. 



If you must travel, please be aware of the risks involved and follow the Massachusetts Travel Regulations: 


-  If you visit a high risk state, you must fill out a MA travel form and either produce a negative COVID-19 test administered up to 72 hours prior to returning to Massachusetts or you need to quarantine for 14 days. 


-  Please share documentation with school nurses BEFORE your child returns to school.


-  Currently (as of November 10th) only 7 US States are considered “Low Risk” and do not require testing or quarantine upon return.   These designations change regularly – before travelling – please double check at:  


MA Travel Form:  

MA Travel Regulations:  

CDC holiday Guidance: 



Please continue to practice safe COVID protocols, even if you are staying at home.   You are still at risk, especially if hosting or joining groups that include guests from other areas, states or who are not known to you or your family:

-  Avoid large, indoor gatherings where social distance cannot be maintained. 

-  Wear masks.  Wash Hands Frequently.  Stay 6ft Apart.  Stay home if you have symptoms.

-  Please help us discourage large, student gatherings.  


Thank you for helping us keep our schools open and our community safe!


All my best,


Mike Welch