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SBRC Update: September 13, 2023



September 13, 2023 - At the School Building Rehabilitation Committee meeting held on Monday, September 11, 2023, the committee focused on key topics related to the ongoing Greenlodge-Oakdale Elementary Building project, including an update on where we stand in the MSBA process timeline, new building design updates and planned traffic studies. 


Process Update

The preferred schematic report was submitted to the MSBA on August 31, 2023.   The next step in the process involves an MSBA Facilities Assessment Committee meeting, scheduled for September 20th.  At this meeting,  this MBSA group will review and comment on the submitted Preferred Schematic Design.  


The schematic design phase commences after MSBA comments have been provided on the preliminary materials, which will be approximately a 3.5 month process.  This next phase allows for more detailed adjustments and options based on feedback and comments.  During this process, estimated costs will be reviewed and analyzed for design adjustments and implications.  Final schematic designs are due for submission to the MSBA mid-December.


Design Updates

The project team, including representatives from Jonathan Levi Associates, reviewed the proposed Core Cluster project design with a particular focus on the site layout.   Responding to community feedback, the architects presented a revised design that shifted the location of the gymnasium.    This alternate design option centralizes the gymnasium space within the building design.    The revised design (D.1) alters the site plan dividing the green space behind the building.  It also allows for access to the gym from the main entrance, providing more controlled access for visitors, and central accessibility for all students.  Additional design options may be developed, positioning the gymnasium at the opposite end from the original design.   Parking plans continue to be a design challenge to be reviewed and addressed as the project progresses.


Immediate Design Next Steps:

Members of the project team will be visiting on-site at both Oakdale and Greenlodge to meet personally with staff, including educators, custodians, food services, nurses and administrators.  These visits will provide more detailed feedback on the needs, functionality and use of school spaces, with the input used to inform the next detailed design process.


Traffic Study Plans

SBRC committee members, Dedham Department of Public Works and Engineering Department and the traffic engineering consultant, Pare Corporation,  have begun discussions regarding which intersections need to be evaluated as part of a formal traffic study, factoring in data specific to where students will be traveling from to the new school, as a means of informing a traffic study plan.  The 6+ week study will examine cars, trucks,  buses, biking, and walking traffic patterns at intersections, along with police safety data.  The study feedback will not likely impact the proposed school building design, but will inform car and bus line-up areas, parking  and safe traffic pattern flows.  


In addition to the traffic study plans, the SBRC has begun partnering with the Dedham Active Working Transportation Group to ensure that considerations for all forms of transportation, including alternative options like walking, biking and busing, to help reduce the use of individual vehicles for student travel to school.


School Committee Facility Subcommittee Update

The Dedham School Committee has established a Facilities Subcommittee, which will not only address overall school facilities issues, but with regards to this Elementary Building Project, will begin scheduling public meetings to discuss plans for the Greenlodge School building and site after a new school is built.

Next Meetings:

  • Sunday, September 24, 2023 -  Tent at Dedham Day 

Event runs from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 p.m. with a Sensory-Friendly Event beginning at 11:30 a.m

  • Tuesday, September 26, 2023 - SBRC Meeting - 6:30pm at Dedham Town Hall