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RELEASE January 18, 2023: SBRC Project Update


Next Community Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, January 26, 2023


DEDHAM, MA -  The Dedham School Building Rehabilitation Committee (SBRC) is excited to welcome  Jonathan Levi Architects as the designer for the new Oakdale School project. The MSBA, along with three District representatives voted to engage JLA at the November 15, 2022 MSBA Designer Selection Panel meeting.  Jonathan Levi Architects (JLA) has delivered ten public elementary school projects over the last 27 years.   


Over the next six months JLA and Vertex, the OPM, will guide the SBRC while they determine the best solution for the Oakdale School project.  Efforts ahead include detailed site reviews, as well as exploring the possibility of updating and adding to the existing Oakdale School. Sites will be ranked based on several factors including overall site size, traffic patterns, green space, existing topography, and impact on fields and youth sports.  All options will be reviewed and budgets will be created to assist in narrowing the options down to a final decision by July 2023.


The SBRC is also thankful to the 30+ parents, staff and community members who have volunteered to join a group of our school administrators to be part of a Visioning Committee.  The visioning committee will review the goals for the design of the renovated or new building, and in a series of meetings over the coming weeks, discuss the educational, architectural, and community priorities for the new Oakdale School.



Thursday, January 26, 2023, Dedham Middle School at 7:00PM


Throughout the next year the SBRC will continue to request input from and provide updates to the Dedham Community.    At the January Community Update Meeting, the project team will be reviewing the overall project status and project schedule.   The meeting will also provide an overview of the site review process, review potential sites and provide opportunity for community input on the potential sites.