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2022 Latest Quarantine Guidelines

On Thursday, December 30 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) revised their guidance for isolation and quarantine for COVID-19

This new guidance reduces isolation (for people who test positive for COVID-19) and quarantine (for people who are in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person) to 5 days from symptom onset or positive test date when individuals are asymptomatic (showing no COVID-19 symptoms) and/or showing reduced symptoms (no fever for 24 hours without medication).  In these situations your child may exit quarantine on Day 6. 

These new guidelines are effective immediately and apply to anyone who was a confirmed positive COVID-19 case or a close contact (unless you are exempt - see definition on pg. 3).  

In other words, if symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test occurred on Tuesday, December 28 or before and your child has no COVID symptoms or fever-free without medication for 24 hours, your child is cleared to return to school on Monday, January 3.