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Life Skills Spotlight: CPR Training for 100 Seniors

At the end of March, Dedham High School collaborated with Coastal Medical Transport Systems in Dedham to provide CPR and First Aid training to nearly 100 Dedham High School seniors.  The training was designed to provide DHS students with skills beyond the classroom. 

The most powerful statements that can be shared are not from the adults who organized the event or the medical professional who facilitated the lesson, but from the students themselves: 

“I was very appreciative of getting to learn a variety of life-saving skills.”

“This was a very useful experience and I am glad I took part in it.”

“I loved the teachers and how the information was given.”

“CPR is a very important skill and I'm glad that we got to learn how to do it.”

“They connected the experience really well to our lives, everyday use, jobs, etc.”