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Creating Equity Action Teams

An important goal of the Dedham Public Schools is to increase the representation in texts, inclusive of ​race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, language, disability, and socioeconomic status by providing culturally, linguistically diverse, and enabling texts to support teaching and learning across Pre-K to Grade 12.

This initiative will create an Equity Action Team in every school, which will meet throughout the 21-22 academic year. Across pre-K to Grade 5, EAT will focus on 1) auditing classroom libraries, 2) implementing culturally responsive instructional practices, and 3) making recommendations to increase the representation of culturally, linguistically diverse, and enabling texts.

It will be the collective work of the Equity Action Teams to come to a consensus on which "windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors" will be representative of their school and grade.  

For additional information about EAT, select this link; here. If you are interested in seeing examples of culturally, linguistically diverse, and enabling texts that provide our students with windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors, select this link.