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Online show highlights student work across all grades PreK through 12


The Dedham Public Schools Department of Fine and Performing Arts is proud to present this year’s annual District Art Show in a virtual format.  The beautiful work of many of our students PK-12 is now featured on school and district websites for the next three weeks.  While we cannot celebrate this creative representation of Dedham culture and community in person, the Art teachers are proud to display their students’ work online for all to enjoy!


Visit the Virtual Art Show at: 


In the age of emergency schooling and remote work, the hard work of dedicated teachers has created a lens through which we can all see the power of art to bring us together as a community.  Greenlodge Principal Ashley Bodkins praises, “Throughout the COVID-19 school closure I have been impressed with the creativity and collaboration among the Dedham Elementary Art teachers. Together they have thoughtfully developed learning plans that allow students to continue to develop skills and an appreciation of the arts. The upcoming Virtual Art Show will be a celebration of how the Arts continue to enrich the lives of our students despite the pandemic.” 


Director of Fine and Performing Arts, Eytan Wurman, also exudes pride in the work of the Art team. “I could not be more thrilled with the work of our teachers PK-12 to bring creative outlets to our students at home.  Their work to reach as many children as possible and encourage our students to process the world around them through art has been admirable. I could not ask for a better team of teachers!”


In many cases the work presented is a reflection of tremendous effort during remote work.  In others you will see pieces that demonstrate the highest level of artistry our students have to offer.  The Dedham Public Schools Virtual Art Show 2020 is a testament, not only to the hard work of students and their teachers, but also to the spirit of Dedham and how we believe in the arts for their ability to heal trauma, nourish culture, and build a sense of community in uncertain times.  The community is encouraged to visit online and celebrate not only the students and their work, but the future they represent.


Sarah Altone - Greenlodge and Avery

Beth Fradet - Dedham Middle School

Bridget O’Leary - ECEC and Riverdale

Maureen O’Sullivan - Dedham High School

Kristin Prata - Avery, Oakdale, and Riverdale

Jennifer Tausevich - Dedham Middle School

Courtney Teixeira - Dedham High School

Amy Vega - Dedham High School


Visit the Virtual Art Show at: