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May 4, Community Update

Dear Greenlodge Families,

After seven weeks of social distancing, three phases of remote learning, several new online platforms, countless common planning meetings and 70 Google Meets virtual sessions with students, we are adapting to a new way doing school. However, with all of the work that is coming from the schools, none of this learning could be possible without the support of and communication with our families. Now more than ever, we are reliant on our strong partnerships.

Our primary goal from now to the end of the school year is to continue to build upon our strong relationships in order to provide and support meaningful learning experiences and maintain personal connections with our students. We rely on two-way communication to help us understand what is working well for your students and where additional support is needed.

I appreciate all of the feedback you have provided and have been considering your input when making decisions. At this time, we are still uncertain when we will return to a traditional way of teaching and learning, but until that time we will continue to learn and work to make this a positive experience for your family.

Have a wonderful week!