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April 21, Community Update

Good Evening Greenlodge Families,

As most of you know, Governor Charlie Baker announced this afternoon that all Massachusetts K-12 school buildings will be closed for the rest of the year.  This announcement, while expected, brought on a flood of emotions - sadness, heartache and frustration. I understand that each of our families will also experience a range of emotions as you grapple with the reality of what the next few months will bring.  Each one of us has a different story, a different struggle and a different perspective. Thanksfully, shortly after the governor’s announcement  I received a message from Ms. Killgoar, reminding our staff that, “School is NOT closed for the year, the building IS...Yes, we are broken hearted, but these broken hearts will lead.” Following her message  I received this Boston Globe article from Mrs. Flanagan, written by a halocaust survivor unable to attend school for six years. He wrote, “My advice to all students and their parents who worry about losing six months of education and falling behind is to try not to waste any time now while you are forced to be at home. Let this global pandemic serve as a lesson to you, as my experiences surviving the Nazis served me: Your resilience, your persistence, and your personal resolve can overcome the worst life has to offer. Now roll up your sleeves and get to work.” I am confident our children will come out on the other side of this pandemic stronger, more determined and with greater resilience.

I’m very proud of the work our staff and families have done over the past five weeks to make “remote learning” work. I’m sure many of you did not expect to become a teacher this year! It’s not perfect and we still have a lot to learn, but we will continue to lead the way and grow together. The Greenlodge and DPS staff members continue to be hard at work, engaging in professional development on various online learning platforms, planning learning activities for students and engaging in outreach to maintain connections with students and their families.  More than ever, we are relying on two-way communication and I thank you for responding to requests for work samples, pictures, videos and emails from me and your child’s teachers. 

Over the coming weeks, there will be more guidance from the state and district about changes to our learning plans, new resources that will be available and an increase in virtual class meetings. We will work together to plan transitions from this disjointed year to the next. It will be different, but we will find a way to give our 5th graders the best send off to middle school imaginable! In my morning announcements tomorrow, I will have a special message to students about the school building closure. Be sure to check it out by visiting the Greenlodge Elementary Homepage.

 Thank you for your partnership in your child's education!

Kind regards,


Ashley Bodkins

Greenlodge Principal