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DMS Spotlight: Sources of Strength Volleyball Tournament

On Thursday, March 30, DMS’s Sources of Strength group hosted a Mentor Madness Beach Volleyball Tournament.  Groups of three to four students signed up, were paired with a DMS Mentor, and given a team name related to one of the eight strengths on the Sources of Strength (SoS) wheel. Teams included the Marvelous Mentors, Mental Health Heroes, and Generosity Giants to name a few.  During the month of March, students recognized DMS Mentors in shout-outs that were read each morning.  While the tournament highlighted mentors, one strength on the SoS wheel, other strengths of the wheel like Positive Friends and Healthy Activities were also celebrated.   Using a 16 team bracket, teams competed in five minute volleyball games with the victorious teams moving on to the next rounds.  The final round consisted of The Jam Fams vs. The Spirituality Setters with the Spirituality Setters winning in overtime!  It was evident from all the sweat, smiles, and laughs, that it was an afternoon of fun.