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DHS Physics Students Honored!

During Term 3 of the past (21/22) school year, DHS physics students in Amanda Harnden's class completed a project titled: "Photographing Physics." Each student photographed a physical phenomenon and wrote an essay explaining the physics being demonstrated. 


Fifteen students had the opportunity to submit their work to an international contest through the AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers). This contest has been running for over 30 years. 


Three of our Dedham High students were in the top 100! Their photos and essays were on display at the AAPT summer conference in July for the viewing and final judging. 

Julia Friday - "Window Prisms: Magic?"

Bridie Looney - "No Suction, No Problem" 

Finn Radner received an Honorable Mention in the contrived category for his work - "The Plight of the Spoon Washer" (Finn's work was top 5!)