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Principal Hillman Email to Students: April 6th

Dear DMS Students,


Happy Monday!  Did all of you complete my gratitude challenge last week?  I loved your emails telling me how you expressed thanks to your families.  If you haven’t already done something nice yet, don’t worry - there’s always time to show you are grateful.  :)


Some notes for our week ahead:

  • Email: Please be sure you’re checking your email DAILY.  Your teachers are contacting you and want to hear back!

  • Work: Don’t forget to check world language, art, music, technology, and tech engineering for their assignments as well!

  • Virtual Spirit Week:  We have a tradition of spirit weeks during the week before vacation.  Why should a quarantine change that? Later this week, I will send you our theme days for next week.  

  • DMS Says Hello: I’m so glad you enjoyed our first staff video.  There’s another one for this week and I will send you the link when it’s ready!

  • Grade 8: If you have not selected your electives for 9th grade by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, an elective will be assigned to you!

  • Counseling Link: Have you seen the counseling link on our website?  It has really cool sites such as live zoo cameras, virtual museums, movement ideas and more!


In honor of some better weather, our inspirational thought of the day is:

“Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.”  

~ Walt Whitman

Missing all of you,
Ms. Hillman