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DMS Grade 8 Science Explore Gravity

The 8th Grade Boylston Team completed their unit on gravity at the end of 2020 - and created some amazing ways to showcase what they learned.   

Working with teacher, Sean Bowles, instead of a test, students were asked to create a moving model to answer the question:  How does gravity manipulate the universe? 

Take a look at a few examples of how this team creatively applied their knowledge of Gravity:

Powtoon : "How Does Gravity Manipulate the Universe?"

Video: "Fetch"

Video: "How Does Gravity Manipulate the Universe?"

Throughout the unit, students assembled their own knowledge about gravity using simulations, as well as both student and teacher feedback.  The focus for the unit, was not simply to learn about gravity, but explore and relate to gravity individually.   Using a set of specific requirements, students were then asked to share what they learned, observed and concluded using a variety of online tools. 


Some tools, like Padlet, have been used in class for a while, but have become more useful as students are required to learn in a hybrid model, as they help build a whole-class culture during a time when some of the class is home and some in person.  


Thanks to students Nathan (Powtoon), Adam ("How Does Gravity Manipulate the Universe?" and Tony ("Fetch") for sharing their work with us!