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DMS Student Schedules

At 3:00 pm today, PowerSchool will display the 2022-2023 school year schedules. We are still fine tuning during these last few weeks of summer and student schedules are subject to change.

All students will receive a paper copy of their final schedule in homeroom on the first day of school. At this time, PowerSchool may not display the team associated with your child’s schedule.

As a guide, look below for the science teacher associated with each team. Please keep in mind that while students attend many classes “on team,” unified arts (art, music, technology, physical education, health) and world language classes are all cross-teamed. In addition, our lunches are grade level specific. If your child is concerned that their best friend is on another team, please reassure them that they will still see them throughout the day!

Middle school is also a fantastic time to meet new friends!
Grade 6: Beacon: Mr. Adams
Grade 6 Newbury: Ms. Pagnotta
Grade 7 Tremont: Ms. Lackner
Grade 7 Copley: Ms. Galicia
Grade 8 Boylston: Mr. Bowles
Grade 8 Commonwealth: Dr. Pohlman

Our school counselors will return to school on August 29th and will be available to answer any questions regarding student schedules. In addition, I’d like to welcome Ms. Nolan to the DMS staff as our new 8th grade school counselor!
Mr. Kevin Quaranto - Grade 6
Ms. Elizabeth Pedersen - Grade 7
Ms. Isabelle Nolan - Grade 8