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Global Spotlight: DHS Students Visit Costa Rica

Over February break, DHS teachers Alison Guifarro and Abby Zuckerman accompanied 26 sophomores, juniors and seniors to visit four regions of Costa Rica. 

The trip focused on the students not only expanding their language skills, but  expanding their knowledge about the biodiversity that Costa Rica has to offer the world. Over the course of their visit students visited the Monteverde region in the northern cloud forest and learned first hand about coffee growing from bean to cup, exploring the process in the context of organic and self-sustainable farming.  While in the region, they also participated in several different community service projects. 

Visiting the rainforest region, students hiked towards the volcano in Arenal National park and visited the ASIA Preserve where they  rehabilitate animals back into the wild, a butterfly preserve  in the middle of the rainforest where the environmentalists shared each stage of the butterflies life.  Students also learned about the process of how chocolate is ground and sampled 100 percent pure chocolate, which was a staple of the natives of the country.  

Students also found time for fun and relaxation.  The group challenged a local group of Costa Rican students to a game of fútbol, which Mrs. Guifarro reported “ was entertaining to watch, especially since our side was stacked with some phenomenal DHS players from the girls' team!”.   Students also got to see a 400 yr old tree in the rainforest (which is very uncommon) and enjoy a break in a natural hot springs.

The trip was a wonderful opportunity for DHS students to extend out of their comfort zone in Dedham, learn about self sustainability among other things, and ultimately become better global citizens of the world.