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DHS Presents: The Crucible - Friday 11/19 and Saturday 11/20

The cast and crew of the Crucible are very excited to share their work with you on Friday 11/19 and Saturday 11/20. The show will take place at 7pmin the DHS Theater.
Rileigh Kelley, Sophia Vaz, Hilen Miralda, Maeve Keogh, Kam Molloy, Renee Saint-Amour, Zak Keaney, Eva Hill, Kate Tocci, Ben Pfifer, Kat Uhrmann, Aaron Tober, Clarissa Soda, Maddie Aucoin, Wes Greenwood, Susie Plunkett, Bridget Kelley, Trevor Grimes, Leila Smadi, Christopher MacDougall, Greg Mcpherson, Justin Reilly, Aviv Lustgarten, Kam Molloy, Leila Smadi
Theresa Stronach, Tara Duncan, Sean Molloy, Rose Murphy, Jessie Ataya, Lauren Fonseca, Megan Kassab, Ezra Abiegel Kukis, Connor Loughlin, Tamara Makovei, Ella Modzelewski, Barbara Monahan, Francie Mullen, Cailyn Purdy, Shay Roy, River Sally, Peter Tittler, Jack Watson
Looking forward to seeing you there!