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Class of 2021: CPR Requirement Update & Deadlines

Dear Families:

Dedham Public Schools is committed to providing all students with rigorous, joyful, culturally responsive learning experiences, as well as integrated, hands-on, real world learning opportunities. As part of class this year's Grade 12 Physical Education Graduation Requirement we are offering your student the opportunity to learn valuable skills by completing the American Heart Association HeartSaver CPR AED Online course.  The primary tool for supporting this work is an online tool that has been approved by the school department as meeting student privacy requirements.  Your child’s use of this tool, however, is completely optional and several other options will be made available for your child which will allow them the necessary credit to complete their Grade 12 Physical Education Graduation Requirement. 


After having a conversation with your student about their options for their Grade 12 Physical Education Graduation Requirement please read the Dedham Public Schools American Heart Association eLearning Course Informed Consent and Release  You must then either print off a copy, sign and return the enclosed release or access and complete the AHA Online Google Form Consent Sign Off by Friday, March 12, 2021. Your child’s use of the eLearning program is completely voluntary. If you decide not to have your child use this program, then students will be responsible for coordinating an alternative assessment with Mr. Carney. Your choice will in no way impact the education that your child receives.  We have made significant efforts to ensure that there are a variety of options available so that students will not be at a disadvantage based on their selection.

Please feel free to contact me directly at 781-310-1164 or if you have any questions. I am happy to meet with any student and parent/guardian/caregiver to discuss the options available.


Copy of letter sent to students and families from DHS Monday, March 08, 2021