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Important Information on MIAA Student-Athlete Physicals and In-Person Exams

Important Information on MIAA Student-Athlete Physicals and In-Person Exams


Dear MIAA School Leader,


On behalf of the MIAA Sports Medicine Committee, I reached out to the MA Department of Public Health (DPH) this past spring for guidance around physicals for student-athletes and in-person exams vs virtual examinations.  Last week on August 19, 2020, communication was received regarding "Guidance on selected school health regulations during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency" from the MA DPH.  Please refer to this guidance for information relating to examination requirements and the procedures for doctors to complete that examination. 


Within the MA DPH document, the guidance supports and does not change current regulatory language which indicates that an examination for student-athletes must be "conducted annually."  As for application of this regulation, the current practice supported by the MA DPH of a valid examination within 13-months to the day still stands.  The 13-month window was necessary to accommodate many health insurance plans.

Additionally, this document states in the third bullet of the first page, "Students who have not had this in-person exam should not be excluded from school, but may not participate in competitive athletics."


On behalf of the Sports Medicine Committee, I hope this communication helps as you plan for the coming school year. If I can be of any assistance in this matter please feel free to contact me.


Richard L. Pearson

MIAA Associate Director

Sports Medicine Committee Liaison