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Riverdale Ask-A-Grader...?

  • Ask a first grader what the golden rule is.

    Ask a 2nd Grader how to compare these numbers with their "alligator arms" to show greater than, less than, or equal to:
         15 ___ 51
         38 ___ 29
        112 __ 112
    Ask a 4th Grader  
    What potential and kinetic energy is and examples of each...

    Ask a 5th Grader    
    Ask a 5th grader to name some rectangular solids around the house that have volume and have them explain a strategy such as L x W x H for finding the volume. Also, ask a 5th grader how to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object using the water displacement method and graduated cylinders.
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Online Learning Resources

  • Renaissance Star 360
  • MyOn Digital Library
  • Lexia Core 5
  • Freckle Math
  • Everyday Mathmatics
  • Carolina Science Online

Riverdale School Headlines & Features

District News & Features

  • 2024-2025 Bus Applications Now Available

    2024-2025 Bus Applications are now available online. In order to secure a seat, eligible students must complete an application each year. Applications submitted prior to August 8th can benefit from a discounted fee.

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  •  Dedham logo

    FY 2025 School Operating Budget Proposal

    In March, the Dedham Public Schools presented their proposed FY25 Operating Budget for review by the Finance & Warrant Committee. On April 4th, Superintendent Murphy will be hosting a Community Forum to review this proposed budget with community members and DPS families. The proposed FY25 budget request required the DPS administrative team and the Dedham School Committee to carefully weigh priorities and develop a plan for fiscal resources that ensures all students continue to receive a high quality learning experience in school facilities that are safe, welcoming, and provisioned for an engaging educational environment, despite a challenging year ahead.

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  • Superintendent Entry Plan : Report on Findings

    At the February 28th School Committee meeting, Superintendent Murphy presented her findings as part of her year-long entry plan process. Since she began as Superintendent on July 1, 2023 she has been meeting and asking Dedham faculty, families, community members and students about the things that make them most proud to be part of Dedham Public Schools, and about the things they believe are our schools' greatest challenges. Efforts to collect this input have included both in person and virtual forums with staff, families and community partners, as well as neighborhood gatherings, ½ day residencies at all seven schools and a staff and school community survey.

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  • Enrollment Numbers Update & School Committee Call For Feedback

    Based on the increasing student enrollment in the Dedham Public Schools, the Massachusetts School Building Authority recently altered the enrollment projections and space capacity for the proposed Elementary School Building project. Members of the Dedham School Committee and Superintendent Nan Murphy will hosting a series of online and in-person community forums to answer questions and gather input in advance of a planned March 20th vote.

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  •  dedham logo with solar background

    New DPS Solar Project Approved

    On January 24, 2024, the Dedham Public Schools and Dedham School Committee approved a project proposal to incorporate solar energy options into our school building spaces. The project will add solar panel canopies over open parking areas at Dedham High School, Dedham Middle School, Avery Elementary School and the ECEC, not only creating covered, shaded parking areas at the schools, but also helping control future school department energy costs and ensuring that DPS is in compliance with State mandates to increase reliance on sustainable energy sources.

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  • Superintendent's January 2024 Update

    Click on the Superintendent's January 2024 Update to learn about the Superintendent's Parent Forums, Deputy Superintendent Kelly's new role, the Solar Project and much more!

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  • Superintendent's December 2023 Update

    Click on the Superintendent's December 2023 Update to see news from around the district and other important information. Be sure to note upcoming events!

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  • School Committee Policy Review: IC/ICA - School Year Calendar

    Draft of revised policy under review: IC/ICAA School Year Calendar

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  • Our Mission: 

    The mission of the Dedham Public Schools, in partnership with the community, is to promote excellence in learning, self-discipline, and motivation.

    The Dedham School System does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin or handicap in its educational activities or employment practices.

    Vision Statement:

    Each graduate of the Dedham Public Schools (DPS) will confidently pursue personal excellence through continued independent inquiry and learning and exhibit socially responsible decision-making within a dynamic and diverse global community.