School Hours & AM Childcare Drop off Information:

  • School Hours:

    • Kindergarten - 8:50 am - 3:00 pm
    • Full Day Preschool (2, 3 & 5 day sessions) -  8:45 am - 2:45 pm
    • AM Preschool - (Mon - Fri) - 8:45 am - 11:15 am
    • PM Preschool - (Mon - Fri) - 12:15 pm - 2:45 pm

    Release times for early release of school:

    • AM Preschool - 11:15 am
    • PM Preschool - No School on half days
    • Full Day Preschool (2, 3, & 5 day sessions) - 11:45 am
    • Kindergarten - 12:00 pm  (Kindergarten buses run on half days but arrive at bus stops three hours earlier than a regular day)
    • Childcare - We do have Childcare on half days.  See Childcare Information on the main page for further details - Contact Brenda McMurtry with questions.



    AM Childcare - (7:00 am - 8:20 am)

    • Parents may park in the bus drop off lane, parent drop off lane, or upper parking lot.
      • Please DO NOT park in the fire lane or crosswalks.

      • Please refrain from cell phone use while dropping off children.

      • Students should be walked to Door #2 (to the left of the main entrance).

      • Please use the doorbell in order to notify staff of your arrival.

      • Child Care staff will meet students at the doorway for parents to sign-in students.

      • Students must be dropped off by 8:20am in order to attend AM Child Care.

AM Preschool/Kindergarten Rolling Parent Drop Off (8:35 - 8:50am)

  • AM Preschool / Kindergarten

    (8:35am - 8:50)

    This is a rolling drop-off procedure.  Please DO NOT park and walk students to the building.

    • Parents should follow the main driveway down the hill and pass the main entrance to the top of the OUTSIDE lane that is adjacent to the playground.  (Please do not use the bus lane.)

    • Please pull up as far as possible before allowing your student to exit the vehicle.

    • Children should be seated on the passenger side of the vehicle for easy disembarking.

    • Parents should remain in vehicles at all times.  

    • Staff will be available to assist students out of cars.  Please do not allow students to exit until directed by a staff member.

    • Please do NOT pull out of the drop-off line until you are instructed to do so by a staff member or police officer.

    • If your child is experiencing difficulty getting out of the car in the drop off lane, you may be instructed to park in the upper parking lot and walk your child to the front door when he/she is ready for school.

    • IF YOU ARRIVE BEFORE 8:35am, please remain in your car until staff are available.

    • All students enter the school via the main entrance.

PM Preschool Drop Off (12:15 pm)

  • PM Preschool Drop Off

    (12:15 pm)

      • Parents should park in the upper parking lot or the two areas adjacent to the kindergarten playground.

      • Please walk students to the front door of the school.

      • Teachers will meet the students at the front door.