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  • Students of Dedham Public Schools have a variety of options available to extend their learning into the summer.  For some students, the offered programs provide a space to learn something new and prepare for a new school environment alongside fellow peers.  For others, the programs provide a chance to catch up or reinforce skills that could benefit from some extra support.     

    All programs have been designed to ensure students not only have access to the academic or social/emotional supports they may need, but to also ensure that creativity, movement and fun are part of their day.   



    DPS Summer Academic Support Programs are designed to provide extra learning time and assistance to students who may benefit from extra support before the next school year. Summer support programs are offered - free of charge - by Dedham Public Schools.   

    If your child qualifies for a support program, you will receive communication from your child’s home school regarding any next steps.  

     If you have not been contacted regarding summer support services, but believe your child needs them, we encourage you to contact your child's teacher or principal with any concerns.

    Online registration for these programs is not required. 

    Program information and descriptions below are provided for information purposes only.

Support Programs Offered

  • Kindergarten Jump Start Support Program

  • English Language Learners

  • Avery Summer Academic Support Program

  • DMS Summer Academic Support Program


    DPS Summer Academic Enrichment programs provide a wide variety of academic, creative and engaging topics for students to continue their learning through the summer months.  Taught mostly by Dedham educators, programs are available for students entering Kindergarten through Middle School.  All Academic Enrichment programs require a registration process, and have a designated fee to participate.   

    Registration forms are linked with the program descriptions provided below. Families are asked to submit program fees by check - made payable to Town of Dedham.

    *Please note:  Some enrichment programs have an early registration deadline (May 20th; June 1st), while the Avery Institute has a rolling registration process.

    There are limited seats available for each program.   A lottery will be held on May 27th if interest exceeds available program space.  Programs that do not meet a minimum enrollment may be subject to cancellation.

Enrichment Programs Offered

  • Kindergarten Jump Start!

  • NEW Avery: Eco-Explorers!

  • NEW DMS: Eco-Explorers!

  • Avery Institute

  • TREK (Technology, Recreation, Enrichment, Knowledge)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

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    Yes. Confirmation is emailed to you immediately when you submit the registration form online. If you do not see an email confirmation in your inbox, please check your email spam folder. 

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  • How should I send payment for enrichment programs?

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    All checks can be made payable to Town of Dedham.

    Please submit your online registration by the noted deadline.   For the programs with a May 20th deadline, payment must be received by May 25th.  Any programs that exceed seats available will have a lottery on Friday, May 27th.   

    Feel free to send your check in to school with your child, or drop in the mail to Dedham Public Schools Alyssa Freda, Director of ESD/ESY Programming, 100 Whiting Avenue, Dedham, MA 02026.

    After any necessary lotteries on May 27th, a registration confirmation email will be sent out with details for those enrolled in the programs and all checks will be processed. Your check will be returned to you if your child is on a waitlist. Please give a call if you have any questions.

    Avery Institute Registration:  Forms must be printed, completed and sent to the Avery School office with your check.  Registration is a rolling registration and can be completed (as course availability allows) into July. 

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  • What if I need to cancel my child’s participation in the program?

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    Cancellations received after June 22nd, 2022 will not be eligible for refund of registration fees. Cancellations received prior to June 22nd are eligible for 50% refund of registration fees.

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  • Is transportation provided for Jump Start ?

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    Yes, transportation will be provided and is included in the registration fee. You will receive detailed information once your child’s spot in the program is confirmed. 

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  • Is there financial assistance available for summer programs?

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    Financial Aid is available for the Avery Institute.  Please contact Avery Elementary School main office to learn more.

    Jump Start and EcoExplorers do not offer financial assistance at this time.

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  • How do I register my child for a summer Academic Support program?

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    Summer academic support programs are available only to students who have been identified and recommended by school administrators.   Your family will be contacted if the school believes your student would benefit from participating in one of these programs.   If you have not been contacted regarding summer support services, but believe your child needs them, we encourage you to contact your child's teacher or principal with any concerns.

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  • Can my child participate in afternoon Enrichment if they are doing a morning support program?

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    Yes.  You may register your child for an Enrichment session in the afternoon, following their support program.   Online registration and payment for the Enrichment program will be required.  Please let Alyssa Freda, Summer Programming Director know if you are adding an Enrichment program to your student's day, so that she can help coordinate transportation adjustments.   

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  • If you have any questions about DPS Summer Programming please do not hesitate to reach out!

    Alyssa Freda

    Director of ESD/ESY Programming
    Dedham Public Schools