• We understand that families, students and staff members have questions and concerns regarding the plans for re-opening Dedham Schools this fall.   We want to thank our school community for taking the time to provide comprehensive feedback to the Administration via survey or email.   

    The District has been working over the last month to create three distinct plans for our return to school in the fall.

    We will continue to provide more detail as it is available and answer questions you may have on this page. 

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Latest Fall Planning Updates

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July 30 Q&A - 7:00PM

  • Due to technical difficulties, the recording of the 7:00PM Q&A Webinar will not be available.  All questions were recorded and we are posting as many as possible in the FAQ section.

Survey Data Feedback

survey chart
survey chart
survey chart
Recent survey results (as of July 20, 2020) prior to the release of the district’s comprehensive reopening details.

Guiding Principles for Planning

    • Safety. The physical and emotional health and safety of students, staff and family are the highest priority. Decisions will be informed by the most recent guidance available from health/medical professionals and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 
    • Stability and Structure. All members of the community benefit from educational stability and predictable structure in district programming and day to day teaching and learning opportunities, schedules and routines. 
    • Relationships. Meaningful and open connections between students, teachers, administration and the community have always been essential to the work of the Dedham Public Schools. More so than ever it is essential that all members of the community focus on building and maintaining relationships characterized by mutual respect, open communication and ongoing support.  
    • Equity and Access. In planning for all learning models, equitable access (regardless of access to technology, special education status, illness, parental involvement, etc.) for all students will be a top priority. All written communications from the district will be made available to families in their home language. 
    • Flexibility. The remote, in-person, and hybrid models are complex and unique. Each model requires flexibility and collaboration in planning, implementing and adjusting the selected model.. 
    • Partnership and communication. Families, local organizations and town government are partners in educating our students. Collaboration in the planning, execution and ongoing improvement of learning models for the 2020 - 2021 school year will be essential to success.
    • Training and Support. Training prior to the start of and throughout the 2020 - 2021 school year for all faculty members and families will be an integral part of ensuring the efficacy of the selected learning model.