Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Riverdale Elementary School!

    Whether you are a new family, existing family or simply “stopping by” to check us out, I want to be the first to let you know how welcome you are here!  At Riverdale Elementary School, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our students and families, and we work hard to get to know each family personally.  By forming these relationships with students and families, we are better able to serve our students and offer them the best education possible.

    As a Riverdale family, you will continually be asked to participate in your students’ education, as research shows that students achieve higher when all members of a student’s team (teacher, family members, principal, everyone!) work together.  This can sometimes mean helping with homework, having your student read to you, and may at times involve families being invited in to celebrate a completed project.  In any event, you are always welcome to reach out to the school to see if there are other ways you can become involved. We have a very vibrant and active PTO who would love to have you work with them!  Check out their section of the Riverdale webpage by clicking here!

    If you are not currently a Riverdale family and would like to come see the school, please feel free to contact us by phone or email to schedule a time for a tour.  I’d love for you to come see what we do here and answer any of your questions.

    Again, welcome to Riverdale and I look forward to the chance of working with you!


    Edward F. Paris, Principal

Ed Paris
  • Edward Paris, Principal