• Athletics
    Contact Information:
    Stephen Traister
    Tel: 781-310-1122
    Fax: 781-320-8126
    email: straister@dedham.k12.ma.us
     Athletic Trainer:  Meghan McColgan
    email:  mmccolgan@dedham.k12.ma.us

    From the Director of Athletics

    Taking part in interscholastic athletics offers a great opportunity. It gives young women and men a chance to gain an education outside of the traditional classroom. Playing a sport at Dedham Middle School and/or at the High School will open up new avenues for your sons/daughters to mature socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. Just as in the classroom the students of Dedham will be challenged to perform at their absolute best. They will be expected to work and cooperate with one another in order to achieve a common goal. We, as adults, know that the commitment and dedication exhibited by our students is just a preview of the type of time and energies they will eventually put into their jobs, family, friends, as well as other responsibilities, which arise. Interscholastic athletics will help prepare our students for life's challenges. Their experiences will prepare them to deal with the highs of victory and the disappointment of defeat. They will learn from failure and understand the amount of time and perseverance needed to overcome. They will come to realize limitations and learn to surpass them or work to their strengths in order to find success. This is the ultimate goal of joining a team. The experiences shared with coaches and teammates will be remembered forever. It is the consistency of the lessons learned on a day to day basis that eventually become the greatest rewards.

    It is my hope that the students of Dedham make the most of the opportunities offered to them through athletics. I invite them to try out for any of our athletic teams, as they will in the future, benefit greatly from the rewards.

    Please contact the athletic office at 781-326-2948 if you have any questions.