A message from Megan Priest, PTO President

  • Welcome to the Riverdale PTO!  I'd like to provide some info about our organization.  Riverdale Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers. Our main goals are to help our children have the best possible experience during their years at Riverdale, and to continue to grow this incredible supportive community of students and families.

    Lots of info here so I'll try to keep it brief.  In this email you'll learn what the PTO is about, how you can help, what the funds raised are spent on, how to stay in the know on upcoming events, activities etc.  

     What we do 

    • Organize and fund cultural, educational programing to supplement the school curriculum in the forms of in school assemblies (African Storyteller, Math Magician)
    • Host Community Events such as International Night, Adult Night Out and Holiday Dance 
    • Create and distribute a Riverdale Student/Parent/Faculty directory
    • Create a monthly newsletter to keep you in the know
    • Fund a scholarship for Riverdale Alum
    • Support those in need with programs like Thanksgiving Baskets and Helping Hands
    • Organize and run the Riverdale Spring Fair
    • Celebrate our teachers with our annual Teacher's Luncheon
    • Foster a community of kind, openminded families who watch out for one another and our Riverdale kids (Cheering on our school at the Spelling Bee, and  talent show, Riverdale Runners, Soccer Snack sales, drop off, Facebook Page, Keeping people in the know etc.)
    • Provide funds for classroom start up needs and room parent activities

     How we do it

    • Raise the funds needed to cover the cost of these activities and events (about 16K)
    • Share ideas and knowledge with each other and try new things
    • Learn from our mistakes!

     How you can help

    • Support and/or participate in Riverdale Fundraising events
    • Volunteering your time or skills
    • Making a charitable donation to PTO  (tax deductible)
    • Share (and help implement) your own ideas of how we can improve.  Our way is not the only way!  We're open to trying new things and keeping it fresh.

     By clicking the link below, you will be brought to a survey where you can let us know how you'd like to help.  Please check off any that you're interested in helping with.  No help is too small (even if it's just an hour of your time or a small donation). Everything helps!

     If you have other ideas/preferences of how you could help, please reach out and let me know what you think. 

     If you're not able to help out this year due to timing or circumstance, that's ok!  You are still part of the PTO!  Our main goal is enhancing our children's experience at Riverdale.  We want everyone to enjoy and be involved in all the fun ways we plan to do this!  You are always welcome here at Riverdale and with the PTO!!  

     Have you heard of our Opt Out Donation?

    Not into catalog sales, candles and cakes?  We get that! I get that! A great way to support the PTO without feeling the pressure to help kids sell things is to make a monetary donation to the Riverdale PTO.  All donations are tax deductible and you can chose how your money is spent!

     A check of any amount is appreciated.  We suggest $75-$100 but gladly accept any denomination.  Checks can be made out to Riverdale PTO.  If choosing this option, please select from the options of where/how you’d like your funds to be spent, or you can choose to have us decide what programs are in need of the extra funding.

     Click Here to go to the survey! 

     Looking forward to working with all of you!

    Megan Priest