• Day 1

     The first day at TREK went very well.  We handed out the t-shirts today.  If your child was absent, please tell them to come see me upon their return and I give them a t-shirt. 
    1. We plan to take a group picture next Tuesday.  Please have your child wear the t-shirt for the picture. 
    2. We will be taking pictures during the TREK program.  I'd love to put some up on the Dedham web site.  If you are opposed to having your child's picture on the web site, please inform me. I'll assume if you don't contact me that it will be OK to post pictures (no names) of your child on the Dedham website.  
    3. Please ask your child to self advocate.  If there is an issue, please have them talk to a teacher or myself.  We are willing to help and it's a really great habit to get into.
    4. I have had numerous questions about cell phones.  The DMS school policy is no cell phones, no hats.  We allow the hats during the program.  But, we don't allow cell phones.  We do realize that students have cell phones and the parents want them to have them because they may be walking home or other places.  We understand, but we do not want to see the cell phones out during the program. 
    Any questions, or concerns please contact me and I'll be happy to address them individually.