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    Hi Everyone!

    The 2014 TREK program begins tomorrow!  We are very excited and are looking forward to a great program. Please make sure and follow the DMS protocol for drop off and pick up.  The program runs three days this week.    Wednesday is the optional extended Math day. 
    Those students choosing to stay on the optional extended Math Wednesday, should bring a PEANUT FREE LUNCH and permission slip.   We have many students with severe peanut allergies.  Please respect these students and leave the peanut butter products at home.  Those students staying for the extended day will be completing Math assignments.   
    When the students arrive tomorrow, they should sit with their assigned teams. Program assistants will assist in attendance and getting the folders and notebooks to the program participants and the day will promptly begin. 
    If your child is not attending tomorrow, you must call DMS at 781-310-7000 (unless you already let me know).  
    See you tomorrow! 
    The TREK program supports the summer Math, Reading and Writing requirements.  Your child will complete all the summer math and they read one of the required books.  In additional they will complete a writing component.    The math teachers collect the work from the students, so it's all set for them.  You should send your child with nothing--we are all working together!  We already have them enrolled in the Math program at TREK, we have the book waiting for them to start. That's the beauty of TREK, these are all DMS teachers which your child may will have next year.