• TREK Program Information 2015

    TREK 2015 Program Information

    During the past few months, the Superintendent along with several district and school administrators have examined the structure of the TREK program and other summer programs.  The goal of this process was to determine the mission and structure of the programs ensuring that the each aligned with the core mission, goals and values of the Dedham Public Schools and provided equal access for all students.

    Dedham Public Schools Mission and Core Values:

    The mission of the Dedham Public Schools, in partnership with the community, is to promote excellence in learning, self-discipline, and motivation. The educators, parents and citizens of Dedham are partners in a commitment to academic excellence to prepare students to succeed in a global society.  Our schools provide a safe environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and positive attitudes. Students develop best when they are encouraged and feel supported in an open, collaborative environment. By enriching learning and developing responsible citizens, we respect the dignity and diversity of all individuals and all cultures. The schools create opportunities to share ideas, resources, and responsibility among students, parents, school personnel, town officials and residents.

    This is a summary of our changes:

    1. The program will be expanded in order to ensure that all transitioning fifth grade into sixth grade students have an opportunity to participate in the program.

    2. The program will increase its focus on transition for all 5th grade students entering the middle school.

    3. The program will have the following sessions: Math, STEM, Reading, Writing, Recreation, Performing Arts and Team Building

    4. The program fee will be $340.  In addition, there will be an additional $50 registration fee.  The full cost will be $390.

    5. The program fee of $340 will be waived for students with free and reduced lunch.    In order to receive this waiver, the parents must submit an application and pay a $50 registration fee on or before, Friday, March 13.  

    6. The registration for the program will open in tiers

      1. Tier 1:  Monday, March 2:  

        1. 5th grade students on free and reduced lunch.  

        2. Paper registration form, fee waiver application form and $50 fee due by March 13 to guarantee a spot in the program.  

      2. Tier 2:  Monday, March 16:

        1. All 5th grade students

        2. Online and paper registrations are available

      3. Tier 3:  Monday, March 30:

        1. Online and paper registration will be accepted for current 6th and 7th grade students (as space is available).

    7. The program is currently scheduled to begin June 30 and run for 13 days. The start date is tentative at this time and may change due to a final determination of the last day of scheduled classes for DPS.

    8. The program starts at 8:00 am and ends at 12:30 pm.  The program will not be held on July 3, this is a legal federal holiday.  

    Please contact Judy Foley, TREK Program administrator, if you have any questions at Jfoley@dedham.k12.ma.us