science fair safety
  • Science Fair Project Safety Requirements


    If the project involves people, make sure that:

    It does not involve eating or physical contact with any substance that may potentially be harmful or hazardous.

    It does not involve any unnecessary physical, psychological, or emotional stress (this includes invasion of privacy).

    If using survey questions, review them to make sure that they meet the criteria described above.

    If surveying other students, determine if you need to get parental permission. If you aren’t sure, ask a teacher, parent, or mentor.


    If the project involves animals, it must meet the following criteria from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF):

    For studies involving vertebrate animals ISEF has specific rules about the type of studies that may be conducted at a non-regulated research site (home​, school, farm, ranch, in the field, etc.). These projects are limited to:
    ● Studies involving animals in their natural environment
    ● Studies involving animals in zoological parks
    ● Studies involving livestock that use standard agricultural practices.

    In addition, you can conduct your vertebrate animal study at a non-regulated research site ONLY if each of the following applies:
    ● The research involves behavioral, observational or supplemental nutritional studies on animals, and
    ● The research involves only non-invasive and non-intrusive methods that do not negatively affect an animal's health or well-being.


    For your student’s safety make sure to:
    ● Be aware of where the project will be set up/take place and ensure it is safe
    ● Provide any needed safety gear
    ● Plan for any necessary supervision
    ● Be informed about the procedures and any training that may be needed