Need Help Deciding Which Instrument Is Right For You?

  • Playing The Flute

    Flute is the smallest and highest-sounding instrument in the band. Learn more about playing the Flute here.

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  •  Clarinet

    Playing The Clarinet

    The clarinet is a single reed instrument, similar in size to flute & oboe when assembled. Learn more about playing the Clarinet here.

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  • Playing the Trumpet

    Trumpet is the smallest of the brass instruments. It is the highest-sounding and “brightest” sounding of the brass instruments. Learn more about playing the trumpet here.

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  • Playing the Trombone

    Trombone is one of several instruments classified as “low brass”. Low brass are perhaps the most important instruments in a band! Learn more about playing the trumbone here.

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  • Playing Percussion

    Percussion is a collection of instruments that involves the use of sticks or beaters. Students studying percussion MUST learn both drums & keyboard mallet instruments. Percussion is only open to 5th Grade students who played an instrument in 4th Grade. Learn more about Percussion here.

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Things To Consider


    This is the most important factor!  Is this an instrument the student wants to learn to play, do they think it would be fun to play?  Although other factors can make a difference, student interest is key. 


    Will the instrument fit the student?  Flute and Trombone require arms long enough to reach the outer positions or keys. Trumpet and Trombone require good breath support. 


    Brass players may struggle with braces as the pressure on the lips can be painful, although there are remedies (rubber brace guards for musicians). Fuller lips would work fine for Trombone, but maybe not for flute. Thin lips work well with Flute or Clarinet.


    Trumpet and the drums are loud. Trombone can also be loud, especially as a child improves their skills over time. If you live in an apartment or condo building, choosing a brass instrument or drums will require a solution (mute, drum pad, etc.). Flutes and Clarinets are more suited for indoor volumes.


    Trumpets and drums are loud- would your child be comfortable playing this instrument at such a volume?