Search & Seizure Overview

  • Searches may be conducted based on reasonable grounds including personal observation or a report from a reliable source, that a student possesses contraband material on school property.  In very serious cases, (e.g. possession of a weapon) an anonymous report would be considered reasonable grounds. (See Appendix A, School Committee Policy, Search and Seizure.)



    Reasonable searches are conducted when:

    1.  There are reasonable grounds to suspect that a student has violated or is violating the law or school rules.

    2.  The search is conducted in a manner appropriate to its objectives and not excessively intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student, and the nature of the infraction.

    3.  The search is necessary for the safety of the student, student body, and/or school personnel. This search must be conducted by the building administrator and witnessed  by another school administrator. If the student and building administrator are opposite sexes, the witness must be the same sex as the student.  If the building administrator determines a need for police involvement and requests a police search, a search warrant must be issued. Students choosing not to be searched will be notified that they will be detained until the police arrive with a warrant.  Parents will also be notified.