• You can use the SNAP Health Portal to:

      • Enter or confirm your current contact information.  

      Make sure we have your current cell phone and or home phone, and, very important, your current email address.

      •  Upload a copy of your child’s physical exam form

      You can scan the form from your doctor or take a picture of it with your phone (just make sure the text on the form is readable in the picture).

      •  Give permission for your child to have Tylenol/Acetaminophen and Motrin/ibuprofen (OTC medications) at school. 

      This permission must be given each school year and expires on the last day of school.  

      •  Update medical conditions and upload doctor’s notes

      Check the current medical conditions and alerts to see if they are still applicable to your child. Contact your nurse if there is a new condition that must be managed in school. 

      •  Communicate with your school nurse!