Life Threatening Food Allergy Policy

  • The Dedham Public Schools recognizes the increasing prevalence of food allergies and the life threatening nature of these allergies for many students.

    The implementation of this policy aims to minimize the risk of exposure, to assist students with assuming more individual responsibility for their health and safety as they grow older, and to ensure full participation in their educational programs and school-sponsored activities. The management of students with food allergies requires the awareness, support and response of the entire school community.

    If a student has a life-threatening allergy, he/she must have access to emergency medication (EpiPen) at all times. Parents/guardians must be responsible for the school nurse obtaining the necessary medical information about child’s emergency allergy action plan.

    Key points of the DPS Life-Threatening Allergy policy include:

    • An individualized healthcare plan will be developed for each student with a medically diagnosed life-threatening allergy.

    • Our school programs are not declared as allergen-free and foods with known allergies are not banned from our schools.

    • Communication, planning, and education with staff, parents/guardians, and students will aim to minimize the risk of exposure to allergens that pose a threat to students.

    • DPS staff is not responsible for implementing the Food Allergy Policy during school-sponsored events beyond the school day that are open to the public (e.g. plays, concerts, athletic contests, ceremonies).

    • DPS staff is not responsible for implementing the Food Allergy Policy for programs or events on DPS property that are sponsored by various parent, community and private groups.