Health Requirements For Registration

  • The Dedham Public Schools, in accordance with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of  Public Health, requires the following information before a student enters school: 

    Required Immunizations: an immunization record must be submitted to and reviewed by the school nurse prior to school entry, noting that the student has received the MA state required immunizations.

    • Exemptions: If there is a medical reason why immunizations are not done, a certificate must be obtained from your physician and forwarded to the school nurse.
      • For a religious  exemption, parents/guardians must fill out a Religious Exemption from Immunization form which can be found on our website or write a note to the school nurse.
    • Parents/guardians should be aware that students who are not immunized due to an exemption or those who are under-immunized will be excluded from school in the event of a disease outbreak. 

    Physical examination: A physical exam is required for all new students.

    • The examination  should have been carried out within one year of the start of school.
    • An updated physical exam is also required in grades 4, 7 and 10. However, parents/guardians are encouraged to send a copy of the student’s physical to the nurse annually.