• Cutting Class 

    Any student who misses a class two times in any marking period by cutting that class shall receive a  failing grade (50) for that term. Any work missed during that class needs to be made up by the end of  that school day, if not the work will be considered a 0. A cut is defined as missing fifteen (15) or more  minutes of class without an authorized excuse. 


  • Saturday Detention Program 

    At the discretion of the School Administration, a student may be given the opportunity to participate in an  academic/work program on designated Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00. This program is in lieu of a  suspension. Parents will be notified and students would be required to arrange their own transportation.  Students who fail to attend Saturday Suspension without an approved reason will be suspended on the  next school day.


  • Suspension 

    Reasons for Suspension 

    The following breaches of discipline are severe enough to be cause for suspension from Dedham High  School: 

    • Disrupting the classroom teaching/learning process (1-3 days) 

    • Using abusive, profane or obscene language. (1-3 days) 

    • Insubordination/non-compliance with a reasonable request made by any staff member (1-3 days) • Failure to identify oneself to any staff member (1-3 days) 

    • Cutting class (1-3 days) 

    • Smoking in school or on school grounds (1-3 days) 

    • Possession of smoking materials (e.g. tobacco products, lighters, pipes, cigarette holders, or e cigarettes etc.) will result in confiscation. Material will only be returned to the parent/guardian (1- 3 days) 

    • Leaving school grounds without permission (1-3 days) 

    • Continued disregard, disrespect, and disobedience of school rules (3-10 days) • Bullying 1-10 days. (see page 32) 

    • HAZING, actions or harassment or violence upon an individual. (1-10 days depending upon  severity) 

    • Theft (1-10 days, plus restitution) 

    • Gambling and or use of gambling materials (1-10 days, plus restitution) 

    • Fighting and/or provoking a fight with other students or school employees (3-10 days) • Assault of another student or school employee (3-10 days, referral to police, possible expulsion) • Vandalism of school property or to property belonging to a school employee (3-10 days plus  restitution, referral to police, possible expulsion) 

    • Possession of, use and/or sale of alcohol, weapons or gunpowder device, drugs or other illegal  substances while under school supervision during school hours or at a school event (3-10 days,  referral to the police, possible expulsion) 

    • Disruption of the school progress in general, such as bomb scares, false alarms, or false  information additionally (5-10 days, referral to police, and possible expulsion) 

    • Behavior that disrupts the good order of a school (public place) 

    • Any action or activity that leads to or contributes to an unsafe situation 

    • Violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, or the Electronic Device Policy 

    • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs  

    • Disseminating without permission photos, video, or audio of a member of the school community • Any criminal activity (1-10 days) 


    Out of School Suspension 

    Suspension means that a student is not permitted to attend school for a specified time period because  he/she has violated the Dedham High School discipline code. Students suspended are not to be in  school, on school grounds, or at school activities at any time during their suspension. A parent/guardian  conference must be held before the student is readmitted to school, if deemed necessary by the  Assistant Principal. Suspended students are responsible for obtaining and making up work missed  during the period of suspension. Out-of-school suspension is an unexcused absence from school. 


  • Detention 

    The following are prohibited in general as contrary to good behavior and carry a penalty of office referral  and/or detention: 

    • Tardy to school or class 

    • Being unprepared for class 

    • Lack of participation in class after several redirections from the teacher (e.g., head on the desk)

    • Dress code infractions 

    • Use of non-approved electronic devices 

    • Wearing of or possession of hats/head covers (unless approved by an administrator)

    • Classroom disruption 

    • Any disruption of the educational process 

    Students who fail to serve detention or who continue to receive detention for the same offense may be assigned a Saturday Detention or an Out of School Suspension


  • Expulsion 

    1. Any student who is found on school premises or at school sponsored or school related events,  including athletic games, in possession of a dangerous weapon, including, but not limited to, a gun  or a knife; or a controlled substance as defined in Chapter 94C, including, but not limited to,  marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, is subject to expulsion from the school or school district by the  principal. 

    2. Any student who assaults a principal, assistant principal, teacher, teacher’s aide or other educational  staff on school premises or at school sponsored or school related events including athletic games, is  subject to expulsion from the school or school district by the principal. 

    3. Any student who repeatedly violates the Discipline Code/Guidelines, and has been subject to  multiple suspensions, as well as other attempts at behavioral modification, is subject to a  recommendation for expulsion. Any student who is charged with a violation of either paragraph (1)  (2) or (3) shall be notified in writing of an opportunity for a hearing and provided, the information that  the student may have representation, along with the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses  at said hearing before the principal. Any student who has been expelled from a school district  pursuant to these provisions shall have five days (5) from the date of expulsion in which to notify the  superintendent of his appeal. The student has the right to counsel at a hearing before the  superintendent. The subject matter of the appeal shall not be limited solely to a factual determination  of whether the student has violated any provisions of this section.