DHS - Attendance Buy-Back Policy

  • Any student who has been absent will have the opportunity to buy back (i.e., waive) up to one day of  absences each term, according to the following guidelines: 

    • Inform your Assistant Principal of your intention to buy back a day and obtain the appropriate  form 

    • Show that form to each of your teachers for initialing on the first day 

    • Attend school for seven consecutive days without incurring any tardiness or any discipline  referrals 

    • Complete all assignments (including homework) for seven consecutive days • On the seventh day, have each teacher re-sign the form, verifying your attendance and class  work 

    • Return the form at the end of the seventh day to the Assistant Principal’s office • If the student successfully fulfills the above guidelines, a one-day waiver will be granted • Students must check in with teachers regarding potential field trips or other issues.