Excused Absences

  • A doctor or nurse practitioner’s note will excuse an absence(s) from class provided that the note is written on the doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s stationery, showing the name of the patient (student) and stating that the student was under his/her care for a particular time interval.  Dates MUST be included, that is, an open-ended/blanket doctor or nurse practitioner’s note will not be accepted.  The doctor or practitioner ONLY must sign the doctor or nurse practitioner’s note.  No signature stamps or copies will be accepted. 

    The doctor or nurse practitioner’s note must be brought to the main office no later than two weeks after the student’s return to school. Notes will not be accepted beyond the two week period.  If the above procedure has been followed, the excused absence will be accepted for the dates included in the doctor’s /nurse practitioner’s note.  In any case, work missed during absence must be made up within a two-week period, and it is the student’s responsibility to follow up with teachers to ensure that make up work is completed within this timeframe.

    Absence may also be excused (with proper documentation) for court appearances and death in the immediate family or death of a classmate. If a student’s absence from class is excused under the above criteria, credit for class will be awarded provided that the student has made up all necessary work for the class.  In the case of extended absences, a home tutor may be assigned by the School Administration Office.