Class Rank

  • Rank in class is determined in order to provide an indicator of the academic achievement of a student,  relative to the other members of the class. Dedham High School calculates and reports class rank by  decile (i.e. Top 10%, Top 20%, etc.), and the decile of the student is determined by his or her Weighted  GPA. After sophomore year, an estimated decile will be calculated for each student. This estimate is  useful for college planning during the student’s junior year. Upon the completion of junior year, a decile  ranking will be calculated based on cumulative Weighted GPA at that time. A student’s final decile is  reported to colleges as part of the transcript package (transcript, profile, counselor form). Prior to  graduation, the students who earned the greatest cumulative weighted GPA will be selected as the  graduating class’s valedictorian and salutatorian. 

    A student may not be ranked if he or she transferred to DHS and did not complete two full years at DHS  by the end of 11th grade, if the students will take more than four years to graduate, or if the student is in  an out-of-district placement.