DMS Honor Roll

  • The Honor Roll is determined at the end of each trimester by a review of students’ grades.  The Honor Roll has two classifications:

    To receive High Honors a student must attain grade levels of A- or above in all subjects.

    To receive Honors a student must attain grade levels of B- or above in all subjects. 

    The Honor Roll is displayed on a bulletin board at DMS and is published in the newspaper.


DHS Honor Roll

  • Superior Honors: 3.70 Unweighted or weighted GPA. 

    Honors: 2.90 Unweighted or weighted GPA. 

    No grade below a C in any subject. 

    No unacceptable conduct.

    A student who drops a course in a given term will not be eligible for Honor Roll that term.

    Student Report Cards will indicate if a student has achieved Honor Roll for the term.