Expectations for Student Conduct

  • Members of the Dedham Public School Community are expected to be:

    • Respectful: Treat others as you want to be treated
    • Responsible: Be accountable for your choices
    • Resilient: It’s about acknowledging the fear and still taking courageous leaps

    It is expected that all students will be thoughtful of others, respect school property and property of others and be conscientious. Students are expected to respect their peers and teachers, parents, police, traffic officers, bus drivers and other school personnel.

    All students are expected to practice self-discipline and conduct themselves in a courteous and polite manner that respects the rights and privileges of all members of the school community. 

    This code of conduct is in effect on school property during school hours and at school-related functions.  Any student interfering with the proper operation of a Dedham School by constantly and/or deliberately misbehaving and violating rules and regulations shall face appropriate disciplinary consequences.